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Enterprise Culture

Slogan: Create health by heart

Vision: Innovation, service, internationalization

Mission: To become most trusted service brand, and grow into a large-scale, high value supplier of  homeuse medical products .

Purposes: Management-based, market-oriented, cooperation as a way and  ervice as the core Key Values:Honesty, cooperation, innovation, expertise

Honesty: Over the years our Fitconn operating with integrity to living in the market economy, and get customers good graces with reliance. Honest to customers,Honesty in society,To be honest with the government and Integrity of staff already become an important Intangible assets of Fitconn.

Cooperation:We will always adhere to the "people-oriented" value orientation, Gather a group of hardworking and dedicated staff to Study hard,Bold innovation,courageous contribute, Focus on quality,Struggle for the magnificent dream of our fitconn national brand

Innovate:According to quality achievement enterprise business philosophy,To

realize excellent quality and constant innovation

Expertise:We want to create the best quality, the most unique national enterprises in home use medical industry. In the next ten years, we will aim at brand-name companies of foreign counterparts to gradually narrow the gap and catch up.

Team spirit:cooperation, progress and harmonious

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