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Introduction of electric breast pump

An electric breast pump is a tool used to express breast milk that has accumulated in the breasts. It is generally used when the baby cannot breastfeed directly, or when the mother has a problem with the nipple, or when she still wants to breastfeed despite working hard. The most important reason to use an electric breast pump during breastfeeding is to preserve the milk so that the baby can still get breast milk when the mother is away. Electric breast pumps are a convenient "sharp tool" for working mothers. After maternity leave, many mothers still do not choose to wean, so it is very inconvenient to breastfeed the baby. With an electric breast pump, you can feed your baby before going to work, then pump again with the electric breast pump, and put it in the refrigerator for another feed. Although it is said that such milk is not directly fed fresh, it is better than weaning. Many mothers choose to use electric breast pumps, because electric breast pumps can help mothers stimulate breast milk secretion, help mothers to express breast milk quickly, and can also help working mothers to save breast milk, so everyone knows how to correct the electric breast pump use?

How to use an electric breast pump

Wash hands and breasts. Gently express a little milk from each breast to make sure the breasts are not blocked; make sure you have your electric breast pump sterilized and installed; read the instruction manual before using the electric breast pump; choose a comfortable seat Chair, relax your body, lean forward slightly, and put a glass of water next to it. Press the funnel and massage pad of the electric breast pump tightly against the breast, do not let air in, so as not to lose suction; when you gently press the handle , you will feel suction on your breasts.

An electric breast pump doesn’t have to reach the maximum suction force to make your milk flow smoothly, so there is no need to press the handle all the way to form a vacuum, just feel comfortable; when you first start pumping, you can quickly press the handle5 -6 times. Next, press and hold the handle for 2-3 seconds, then release the handle and let it automatically return, the milk will flow out when the handle is returned After a few squeezes, there should be milk flowing.

If there is no milk flow, don't worry, just relax and continue to try. If the pumping process is causing you pain, you should stop immediately and consult your doctor; Note: If you are unable to express milk, do not continue to pump your breasts with an electric breast pump for more than 5 minutes. Using an electric breast pump can help maintain milk supply even when mother and baby are together, but sometimes mothers can't pump. When using an electric breast pump, be sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the method of action is correct. If the electric breast pump cannot pump milk, it may be that the mother's operation method is wrong. If the milk is too high, you should express a small amount before pumping with an electric breast pump.

Precautions for the use of electric breast pump

Many new mothers start using electric breast pumps after giving birth, which is inaccurate. Be sure to let the baby suck and open milk early, so that the new mother can produce milk as soon as possible, so that the baby has enough milk to eat. The electric breast pump is only used after the baby sucks and there is excess, or after the mother goes to work. Otherwise, the baby is prone to the illusion of nipples, which frustrates breastfeeding.

After pumping, you need to soak the electric breast pump in hot water or use a machine to sterilize it or wash it with soap, so that the next use will not contaminate the breast; the mother also wipes the breast with a special towel, and then disinfects the towel. Washing; and before pumping, you should also wipe the breast with a towel to avoid contamination of the expressed breast milk. The pumped milk needs to be poured into a special milk storage tank, sealed, and stored in the refrigerator. Generally, breast milk should not be refrigerated for more than 3 days, otherwise it will easily deteriorate and it is not suitable for feeding the baby. Therefore, breast milk that exceeds the time limit should be refrigerated. Clean up and drain. The above analysis can clearly know that the use of electric breast pump is very simple, if you need to buy it, it is recommended to go to Fitconn Technology. Fitconn Technology is a leader in medical equipment, providing cost-effective products, eliminating fakes, and thinking of our customers! Fitconn Technology wishes you a good life.