DC compressor nebulizer
DC compressor nebulizer
Product Details
1. Power supply: AC220V/50HZ

2. Input power: 18VA

3. Output gas flow: ≥5L/Min

4. Pressure: Under normal working conditions, the generated pressure range is 40KPA~80KPA
5. Working noise of the whole machine: ≤50dB(A)
6. Residual amount: <0.8mL
7. Atomization rate:  ≥0.2mL/min
8. Median particle size: 0.35um±25%
9. Normal working conditions:
Ambient temperature: 10℃~40℃
Relative temperature: 30%~80%
Atmospheric pressure: 70.0KPA~106.0KPA
10. Product size: 59x59x131mm
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